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Ultradent UniCore Post and Drill System Kit of Kits

Cat. No. ADS-80280003

UniCore posts are composed of glass fibers. The translucent and radiopaque UniCore Post responds to compressive forces as dentin would, without compromising the durability of the restoration. The gentle taper of the UniCore Post corresponds to the natural anatomy of the tooth and perfectly matches the post space created by the UniCore Drill. ​The UniCore post is noticeably more radiopaque than the leading competitor. The benefit of this glass-fiber post is that it allows light to be transmitted all the way down to the bottom of the post space.UniCore glass fiber posts have a flexural strength similar to dentin.

Brand: Ultradent

4 x Drills (1 each sizes 1–4) + 20 x Posts (5 each sizes 1–4)


$466.49 $518.32

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The UniCore Drill is unique in its ability to remove obturators while preparing a post chamber that perfectly corresponds to its post. The UniCore drill features a patented heat-generating tip, which facilitates the removal of fiber posts, rigid carriers, and traditional gutta percha. The drill’s heat-dissipating, diamond-coated collar preserves tooth structure, and its specially designed flutes cut canal walls laterally instead of vertically.
UniCore glass fiber posts have a flexural strength similar to dentin
Superior strength
Esthetic and radiopaque
Color-matched drills and posts
Ultradent's UniCore "Kit of Kits" provides all items needed for post requirements
UniCore drill is safe and easy to use
UniCore posts are made of prestressed fibers and are bondable

* This product is for professionals only.

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