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EZ-one Files

Cat. No. ADS-80140009

·MaxTech 6.0 controlled memory NiTi alloy
·Continuous rotating motion
·Single file system ( shaper and finisher)
·Regressive taper
·Progressive screw pitches can hold more debirs and lowerscrew-in risks

Brand: NIC

21mm-Small 21mm-Primary 21mm-Medium 21mm-Large 25mm-Small 25mm-Primary 25mm-Medium 25mm-Large 31mm-Small 31mm-Primary 31mm-Medium 31mm-Large



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21 mm/25 mm/31 mm7%0.20mm#20
21 mm/25 mm/31 mm7%0.25mm#25
21 mm/25 mm/31 mm6%0.35mm#35
21 mm/25 mm/31 mm5%0.45mm#45

* This product is for professionals only.

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