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C-Root Ni-Ti Rotary File

Cat. No. ADS-80260001

C-Root Ni-Ti Rotary File employs an exclusive flexible along curved canal CM heat treatment, elevating resilience and adaptability.

Brand: C-Root

025/04 Assorted Files 21 mm 025/04 Assorted Files 25 mm 025/06 Assorted Files 21 mm 025/06 Assorted Files 25 mm 030/04 - 21 mm 030/04 - 25 mm 035/04 - 21 mm 035/04 - 25 mm 040/04 - 21 mm 040/04 - 25 mm 050/04 - 21 mm 050/04 - 25 mm


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This product is highly rated, well-priced, and available to ship immediately.

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C-Root Files achieve 3 times the industry standard on torsional strength, crucial for preventing instrument separation.
C-Root Files excel in pre-bending and seamlessly match canals' shape. It presents 1/5 of the industry standard bending strength, offering pre-bending flexibility and adopting a snake-shaped form to match glide paths precisely.
Rapid Cutting
C-Root Files ensure robust edge strength, featuring a triangular cross-section and sharp edges for efficient performance at a high speed of 500rpm, ultimately saving valuable time in root canal preparation.

Excellent for Curved Canal Shaping
C-Root blue files are manufactured by a disruptive heat treatment technology, which raises the martensite phase transition point to 40+ °C.
C-Root files' flexibility and rigidity are fine-tuned, which can be easily sensitized manually by simply pre-bending the file tip.
C-Root files with exceptional ability to perfectly navigate curved root canals without any difficulty.

* This product is for professionals only.

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