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Orthodontic Demonstration Transparent Model with Stainless Steel Brackets and Colorful Ligatures

Cat. No. ADS-EDU0006

This model provides a precise and clear demonstration of orthodontic braces on misaligned teeth, showcasing stainless steel brackets and colorful ligatures for a realistic and educational display.


$27.99 $31.11

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Stainless Steel Brackets: Durable and accurately positioned stainless steel brackets represent a standard orthodontic treatment, offering students and professionals a true-to-life example of teeth straightening hardware
Colorful Ligatures for Visual Learning: The inclusion of various colored ligatures not only makes the model engaging but also serves as a visual aid in understanding how braces will appear on actual patients
Transparent Acrylic Base: Mounted on a sturdy, clear acrylic base, this model allows for observation from all angles, making it an ideal tool for demonstration and educational purposes in a classroom or dental office
Educational Tool for Misaligned Teeth Correction: This model serves as an indispensable resource for dental students and professionals, helping to explain the process and steps involved in correcting malocclusions and teeth misalignments

* This product is for professionals only.

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