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Kerr SonicFill 2010 Handpiece, Sonic-Activated, Single-Step

Cat. No. ADS-80250009

SonicFill is the only easy to use, sonic-activated, bulk fill dental composite system for posterior restorations that requires no additional capping layer. Proprietary sonic activation enables a rapid flow of composite into the cavity for effortless placement and superior adaptation, greatly reducing procedure time.

Brand: Kerr

SonicFill 2010


$419.79 $466.43

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The unique SonicFill dental composite material contains a proprietary rheological modifier that reacts to sonic energy from the handpiece and causes the viscosity to drop almost 90% during extrusion. This viscosity drop allows the SonicFill composite to rapidly flow into the cavity, providing effortless placement and superior adaptation. SonicFill places precisely and efficiently without bubbles or voids.
When the sonic energy is removed, the composite quickly returns to a non-slumping, sculptable state that is easy to handle and carve without being sticky.
Single-step, bulk-fill procedure
Highly adaptable and easy handling
Low shrinkage
High strength
No additional composite layer needed

* This product is for professionals only.

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