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Kerr Dental OptiView Universal Lip Cheek Retractor 2 pcs/Box

Cat. No. ADS-80250008

The innovative OptiView™ provides retraction of lips and cheeks for improved buccal and gingival access at the same time. It facilitates both lip and cheek retraction with one device without the need for additional hands or instruments.

Brand: Kerr

5500 Standard 5502 Small


$49.99 $55.54

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Owing to its anatomic shape, OptiView minimises tension, offering the patient greater comfort even during longer dental treatments. Frames and cushions are autoclavable at 134 °C, at least 3 min. Available in 2 sizes, for smaller or normal mouths. Particularly indicated for patients reacting with panic and claustrophobia, strong nausea or strong lip pressure, and in general for children and elderly and patients with special requirements.

* This product is for professionals only.

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