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Ivoclar IPS Empress Direct Flow Syringe Refill 1.8 g

Cat. No. ADS-80240016

Syringe Refill, Trans Opal shade light-curing flowable nanohybrid composite for highly esthetic restorations in the anterior region.

Brand: Ivoclar

BL-XL Opal Transparent 30


$52.99 $58.87

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As an intermediate or covering layer in the fabrication of esthetically demanding composite restorations
Repair of composite restorations (in particular filling of voids, leveling out of porosities and minor chips)
As a thin (< 0.5mm) initial layer under Class I and II
Small restorations of all types
Extended fissure sealing
Splinting of mobile teeth
Blocking out of undercuts
Repair of composite and ceramic veneers
Light-curing, flowable nano-hybrid composite for esthetic restorations
Optimum surface affinity while ensuring stability
Ideal consistency for contouring, whether using a spatula or brush
BL-XL is used to mimic individual features, such as fluorosis stains, Trans 30 enables lifelike translucency and Opalescent allows natural opalescence of incisal edges to be reliably mimicked

* This product is for professionals only.

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