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GYS Type Bone Guided Regeneration Set

Cat. No. ADS-80030155

Brand: Shinva



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Item IncludeSizeQuantity
Periosteum Detacher180, width 4/6, round handle1
Periosteum Detacher190×5.5×10, round head, spade shape, round handle1
Ophthalmic Scissors110, curved, insert1
Insert Holding Forceps160, straight, fine needle0.31
Bone Rongeur ForcepsRound1
Excavators4#, double curved, double-ended, width 1.6, silicone handle1
Bone Scraper180×2×4, straight, curved1
Bone Scraper180×3×5, straight, curved1
Bone Scraper180×4×6, straight, curved1
Hemostatic Forceps125, straight, mosquito1
Adson Forceps125×0.6, straight, hook, fine1
Adson Forceps125×0.4, straight toothed, fine1
Bone Curettes2#, double-curved, width 2.51

* This product is for professionals only.

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