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Dentsply M-Access H-Files 6 pcs/box

Cat. No. ADS-80100014

Dentsply M-Access H-Files is made with precision and quality to enhance your expertise with stainless steel files. This H-file has an ergonomically designed handle and the M-access can be used to complete the root canal shaping procedure manually or in combination with NiTi rotary files. The comprehensive and affordable hand file range specifically designed to offer clinicians simplicity and efficiency.

Brand: Dentsply

21 mm-10 (purple) 25 mm-45-80 (mix) 21 mm-15 (white) 21 mm-20 (yellow) 21 mm-25 (red) 21 mm-30 (blue) 21 mm-35 (green) 21 mm-40 (black) 21 mm-8 21 mm-15-40 (mix) 25 mm-10 25 mm-15 25 mm-20 25 mm-25 25 mm-30 25 mm-8,25 mm-15-40 (mix) 25 mm-35 31 mm-45-80 (mix) 31 mm-15 31 mm-15-40 21 mm-45-80 (mix) 21 mm-45 31 mm-20 25 mm-40 31 mm-10 31 mm-25 31 mm-30 31 mm-35 25 mm-50 25 mm-55 31 mm-08 31 mm-40 25 mm-45 21 mm-045


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The Hedstroem/H files have tear drop cross section
Very sharp with a cutting tip
Have higher cutting efficiency than k-files(more positive rake angle)
Should be employed only in one direction, retraction and never torqueing

* This product is for professionals only.

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