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Dental Simulator Mannequin Head with 28 Removable Teeth

Cat. No. ADS-EDU0010

This head model provides a lifelike simulation of the human body. It features a transparent mask to simulate facial structures, a drainage tube to mimic the oral pharynx, and a synthetic facial skin to restrict the degree of mouth opening. These meticulous details create the most authentic and realistic experience.


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Head shape: The head cover made of high-strength transparent resin material is smoothly processed. According to the anatomical requirements, the orbital ear plane, the alar ear plane, the jaw plane and the mandibular tangent point are reproduced, and the anatomical outer ear is used for facial arch practice
Face mask: It is made of bionic rubber material, with vivid color, close to human skin feel, comfortable feel, and durable. Exclusively designed drainage device
Shoulder support rod: Made of stainless steel, green and environmentally friendly, simulating a normal human body
FE articulator: Made of aluminum alloy, which can open and close the mouth, reach forward, and move laterally to simulate mandibular movement. The inclination of the advancing condyle is 30 degrees, the inclination of the lateral condyle is 15 degrees, the The distance between the condylar heads on both sides is 110 mm, and the maximum opening distance is 50 mm
Universal adjustment handle: By adjusting the large and small universal joints, the position of the imitation head mold and the shoulder body can be adjusted at will

* This product is for professionals only.

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