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Dental Gracey Curette 5/6 Double Ended Periodontal Instruments NNA Medical

Cat. No. ADS-80270045

The Dental Gracey Curette 5/6 Double Ended Periodontal Instrument is a specialized dental tool designed for precise and effective periodontal procedures. This double-ended instrument combines the functions of a scaler and a curette, offering versatility and efficiency in various dental treatments. Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, this tool reflects a commitment to quality and innovation in dental instrument design.

Brand: NNA Medical



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Key Features
Double-Ended Design: The Dental Gracey Curette 5/6 features a dual-ended design, with each end serving a specific purpose. This provides dental professionals with the flexibility to switch between scaler and curette functions without changing instruments, enhancing efficiency during procedures.
Gracey Design: The 5/6 configuration of the curette indicates a specific curvature and reach, making it well-suited for accessing and treating specific areas within the oral cavity. The design is tailored to enhance effectiveness in subgingival surfaces.
Material: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the instrument ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity. This construction meets the demanding requirements of dental practices, ensuring a reliable tool for periodontal procedures.
Precision Edge: The curette is equipped with a precision edge that facilitates the careful and thorough removal of plaque and calculus from tooth surfaces. This feature is crucial for achieving optimal oral hygiene and preventing the progression of periodontal diseases.
Ergonomic Handle: The instrument features an ergonomic handle designed for comfortable and precise handling during dental procedures. The handle promotes a secure grip, enhancing the dental professional’s control and maneuverability.
Versatility: With its double-ended design, this periodontal instrument is versatile, suitable for a range of periodontal procedures, including scaling and root planing. The dual functionality enhances the instrument’s adaptability to various clinical situations.
Sterilization Compatibility: The stainless steel construction of the curette makes it compatible with standard sterilization processes, ensuring compliance with infection control protocols in dental settings.
Professional Use: Tailored for professional dental use, this instrument meets the high standards of dental professionals who prioritize precision and effectiveness in their practice. The dual-ended design enhances workflow efficiency, making it a valuable tool in the dental toolkit.
Dental professionals can rely on the Dental Gracey Curette 5/6 Double Ended Periodontal Instrument for its dual functionality, quality construction, and precision in addressing periodontal challenges. It serves as an integral tool in promoting optimal oral health for patients undergoing periodontal treatments.

* This product is for professionals only.

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