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Dental Functional Jaw Frame Articulator

Cat. No. ADS-EDU0014

Our brace is specially designed for teaching. It is manufactured using materials and precise proportions. It can simulate situations very effectively and provide students and teachers with the best learning and teaching experience.


$149.99 $166.65

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Easy to Cleanse: Teaching jaw frame adopted detachable design for easy to cleanse, ensuring a hygienic using, with high strength and stability to withstand the frequent use of teaching
Durable Construction: Made with stainless steel, jaw frame and bite frame are designed to withstand repetitive use in education settings, provide reliable support during training sessions
Flexible Adjust: Denture jaw frame can be easily adjusted, allowing instructors to customize the alignment of the models for different teaching purposes, accommodates various scenarios
Enhanced Learning Experience: By providing a simulation of denture procedures, the functional jaw frame and bite frame offer students an immersive learning experience

* This product is for professionals only.

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