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Cement Pluggers Double End Stainless Steel Silicone Handle Multisize Available

Cat. No. ADS-80030002

·Used to press the filling material into the target position.


1#-SS handle 2#-SS handle 3#-SS handle 4#-SS handle 2#-silicone handle 3#-silicone handle 4#-silicone handle



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* Double end, multisize availble.
* Stainless steel handle: 100% stainless steel. non-coating technology with great corrosion resistance perfomance, no electroplating to avoid surface peeling .
* Silicone handle: Hollow structure, light weight (~1/2 of regular one), enlarged handle with patterned surface for improved grip comfort and anti-slip performance. The connection between the silicone handle and the metal working end has a smooth, properly matched surface that won't collect dirt.
* Autoclavable
* Extra Discount offered on multi-item order, please contact info@altadentalsolution to acquire discount.

* This product is for professionals only.

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