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Anti-fog Dental Mouth Mirror Type B (Expert Version)

Cat. No. ADS-8043001

Used for oral examination.
Consists of a handle and a mirror with a connecting rod. The mirror surface is made of glass.
Non-sterile supply.

Brand: Heavenward

10pcs 50pcs 100pcs


$6.00 $8.99

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1. Reflective Surface: The image observed through the reflective surface should be free from distortion.
2. Distortion: No visible distortion on the reflective surface of the plane mouth mirror.
3. Mirror Reflectivity: The mirror reflectivity of the plane mouth mirror is not less than 80%.
4. Anti-fog effect: Tested for anti-fog performance.
5. Wash resistance of anti-fog coating: The anti-fogcoating on the mirror surface is resistant to washing.

* This product is for professionals only.

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