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ABCcolla® Collagen Membrane

Cat. No. ADS-8006001

ABCcolla® Collagen Membrane is processed by decellularization to removes cells, fats and non-collagen proteins from the porcine skin. The process for manufacturing this absorbable collagen membrane is followed by the standard cell purification and sterilization procedures. ABCcolla® Collagen Membrane is instructed to be used after rehydration and is designed to cover wounds without causing discomfort for the patient.

Brand: Acro Biomedical

15 mm × 20 mm 20 mm × 30 mm 30 mm × 40 mm 13 mm × 25 mm 25 mm × 25 mm



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Product Benefits
·No risk of BSE.
·Very easy to handle and suture.
·Great barrier between hard and soft tissue.
·Greatly absorbable hence eliminates second-stage surgery for membrane removal.

* This product is for professionals only.

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