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3 Pcs Dental Sterilization Cassette, Autoclave Tray Rack, Box,5-Instrument ‘Blue NNA Medical

Cat. No. ADS-80270057

Brand: NNA Medical



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Key Features
Quantity: Set includes 3 sterilization cassettes.
Construction: Durable and autoclavable material for long-lasting use.
Capacity: Each cassette accommodates up to 5 dental instruments, providing ample space for your tools.
Color: Vibrant blue design for easy identification and organization.
Secure Closure: The cassette features a secure locking mechanism to keep instruments in place during sterilization.

Sterilization: Facilitates proper sterilization of dental instruments for patient safety.
Organization: Streamlines instrument management with a color-coded and secure cassette system.
Convenience: Easy to load and unload instruments, simplifying your sterilization process.

Ideal for dental offices, clinics, or labs looking for a reliable solution for instrument sterilization and organization.
Package Includes
3 x Dental Sterilization Cassettes (Blue)
Upgrade your sterilization protocol with our 3 Pcs Dental Sterilization Cassette Set. Invest in quality, efficiency, and organization for your dental practice.

* This product is for professionals only.

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